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Aldie Landscape Lighting

Welcome to Aldie, Virginia – The Heart of Our Operations at Dayloom

Nestled in the picturesque Loudoun Valley, Aldie, Virginia, is a historic gem that epitomizes the charm and beauty of the Old Dominion. Founded in 1810 by James and Charles Mercer, Aldie hosts several notable historic sites including the Aldie Mill, which was built in 1809 and is the only surviving gristmill in Loudoun County. This small yet vibrant community is rich in history and culture, making it an ideal home base for our neighborhood landscape lighting design firm, Dayloom.

Aldie is not just about historic landmarks; it is a community that embraces modern living while respecting its heritage. Among its contemporary developments, Willowsford stands out as a premier community in Aldie. Known for its meticulous adherence to aesthetics and functionality, Willowsford has some of the strictest property maintenance and design standards in the state of Virginia. These standards ensure that every aspect of community life not only meets but exceeds expectations.

At Dayloom, we understand the unique requirements of Willowsford, which are clearly outlined in their Property Maintenance & Design Standards. Our expertise in navigating these complex standards makes us the preferred partner for homeowners looking to enhance their property’s appeal and functionality with professional landscape lighting. We are not only familiar with the approved luminaires that align with Willowsford’s aesthetic values but are also equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge for seamless installation processes.

Our services include conducting comprehensive light trespass studies, ensuring that our designs enhance, rather than intrude, on both the private and communal spaces within the community. As a certified(LC), Lighting Certified,  firm by the NCQLP, the highest designation from the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), Dayloom guarantees a level of professionalism and technical expertise unmatched in the industry.

Choosing Dayloom means opting for a partner that understands and respects the heritage and standards of Aldie and its communities like Willowsford. We are committed to bringing the best of landscape lighting design to this beautiful town, enhancing its charm and livability.

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Our Approach to Landscape Lighting Design

“ When it’s time to consider adding lighting features to your home, your mind likely goes directly to indoor lighting solutions. Customized outdoor landscape lighting designs provide the perfect way to highlight the unique water features or intricate gardens that beautify your property.

At Dayloom, we provide customized lighting solutions and so much more!

Dayloom knows how important it is for a homeowner to feel proud of their home every time they see it. Our world-renowned design team treats every property as unique, because they are. We unlock the potential of the spaces they love by creating award-winning designs that last. We are experts in lighting, audio, and automation, and our focus on product and design keeps us at the forefront of the outdoor industry.

Our Purpose: to enrich the time spent at home with family and friends.”

We are a comprehensive landscape
lighting service provider offering:

• Outdoor Lighting
• Pathway Lighting
• Garden Lighting
• Patio Lighting
•Waterscape Lighting
• Premium Fixtures

When it’s time to create your Aldie landscape lighting design, you want creative artist who realize landscape lighting is about more than installing lighting fixtures. We have over two decades of industry experience providing homeowners with unforgettable landscape lighting and exceptional service. In addition to designing residential outdoor lighting solutions, our sister company, Sterling Lighting, manufactures high-quality light fixtures. So, our team ensures a quality experience from conception to realization.