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Arlington Landscape Lighting

Arlington, Virginia: Embracing Community and Environmental Stewardship

Arlington, Virginia, is a thriving urban community known for its rich history, strategic significance, and vibrant, diverse population. Located directly across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., Arlington combines the buzz of city life with a strong sense of local community. Its residents enjoy a mix of urban and suburban environments, with easy access to national landmarks, extensive park systems, and bustling neighborhoods.

Arlington’s commitment to sustainability and community well-being is evident in its walkable streets, bike-friendly initiatives, and well-maintained public spaces. The community values not just the amenities and conveniences of urban life but also the quality of the environment and neighborhood harmony.

Dayloom: Prioritizing Light and Environmental Harmony

At Dayloom, we understand the unique dynamics of Arlington’s environment. Our custom landscape lighting solutions are designed to enhance both the beauty and functionality of each space while respecting the broader community and natural surroundings. We specialize in creating lighting designs that are sensitive to light pollution and energy efficiency, ensuring that our projects contribute positively to Arlington’s environmental goals.

Light trespass, the unwanted or misdirected light that spills beyond its intended area, can be a concern in densely populated areas like Arlington. Dayloom helps clients conduct comprehensive light trespass studies to ensure that every lighting installation is community-friendly and does not intrude on neighbors or the night sky. Our approach helps maintain the delicate balance between necessary illumination and preserving the natural darkness, essential for both human health and wildlife.

Sustainable Solutions for a Brighter Arlington

Dayloom is committed to sustainability, using the latest energy-efficient technologies to reduce the environmental impact of our lighting installations. By choosing high-quality, long-lasting LED fixtures, we minimize energy consumption and reduce the need for frequent replacements. Our designs integrate seamlessly into Arlington’s landscape, enhancing security and aesthetics without detracting from the area’s character.

We also work closely with Arlington residents and business owners to tailor lighting solutions that reflect their specific needs and preferences while adhering to local regulations and sustainability goals. This personalized approach ensures that our lighting projects support both individual and community well-being.

Illuminate with Integrity with Dayloom

Choose Dayloom for your Arlington property and invest in lighting solutions that respect your community and the environment. Our expertise in conducting light trespass studies and designing environmentally friendly lighting installations means that you can enjoy beautiful, effective, and conscientious lighting that sets a standard for responsible illumination in Arlington.

Our Approach to Landscape Lighting Design

“ When it’s time to consider adding lighting features to your home, your mind likely goes directly to indoor lighting solutions. Customized outdoor landscape lighting designs provide the perfect way to highlight the unique water features or intricate gardens that beautify your property.

At Dayloom, we provide customized lighting solutions and so much more!

Dayloom knows how important it is for a homeowner to feel proud of their home every time they see it. Our world-renowned design team treats every property as unique, because they are. We unlock the potential of the spaces they love by creating award-winning designs that last. We are experts in lighting, audio, and automation, and our focus on product and design keeps us at the forefront of the outdoor industry.

Our Purpose: to enrich the time spent at home with family and friends.”

We are a comprehensive landscape
lighting service provider offering:

• Outdoor Lighting
• Pathway Lighting
• Garden Lighting
• Patio Lighting
•Waterscape Lighting
• Premium Fixtures

When it’s time to create your Arlington landscape lighting design, you want creative artist who realize landscape lighting is about more than installing lighting fixtures. We have over two decades of industry experience providing homeowners with unforgettable landscape lighting and exceptional service. In addition to designing residential outdoor lighting solutions, our sister company, Sterling Lighting, manufactures high-quality light fixtures. So, our team ensures a quality experience from conception to realization.