Jun 24, 2024

Beware Of Low End Lighting Products

Outdoor seating area among grass & trees in the evening illuminated with landscape lighting. Willing warriors night. low end

When you love your home, taking on home improvement projects can be both fulfilling and exciting. It can also be expensive, which can make it tempting to cut a few corners and choose cheaper products in cases where it might not make that much difference. For instance, sometimes products are less expensive because they come in a color or material that might not suit everyone’s tastes and style. Sometimes prices vary based on local demand. In many cases, though, products cost less because they are lower quality.

If you’re thinking about adding an outdoor lighting system to your property, which has many benefits, including increasing your property value, you might have been checking out lighting fixtures at big box stores or online and found a wide range of products. Although it can be tempting to choose low end lighting products to save some money that you can invest elsewhere in your home, it might not be worth it in the long run. The information below outlines some of the drawbacks you might encounter when using low end lighting products.

Drawbacks of Low End Lighting Products

As with many other products, you usually get what you pay for in lighting fixtures and bulbs. When you buy low end lighting products, this truism results in: 

Lack of Durability

To keep manufacturing costs down, lower quality outdoor lights are generally built using cheaper materials and might be poorly or inconsistently constructed. These quality control issues result in a lack of durability and faster deterioration. Low end fixtures are more prone to wear and tear such as rusting, corrosion, and breakage from weather conditions, animal activity, and frequent use. This wear and tear can then lead to malfunctions and safety hazards. You will likely need to replace or repair lighting fixtures sooner and more frequently, which can become costly.

Similarly, low end light bulbs have a shorter lifespan than higher end bulbs and break more easily, which means you have to replace them more often.


Light emitting diode (LED) light bulbs tend to be more expensive than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. Lighting professionals choose LED bulbs for a reason, though. They are much more energy-efficient, which results in energy savings. They are more durable, brighter, available in a wide range of temperatures and colors, easier to manipulate, and safer because they don’t give off heat. Low end bulbs need to be replaced more frequently and use more energy, which will cost you more in electricity bills.

Outdoor path behind home. with cement steps in grass that lead towards trees. A few lights illuminate steps and trees. low end

Poor Quality and Performance

Your outdoor lighting system should illuminate the best qualities of your home, drawing the eye to lovely landscaping or architectural features. Good lighting also increases your home’s safety and security when placed along pathways and outlining the perimeter. Unfortunately, low end lighting products are often not up to the job, providing inadequate or uneven light. Not only do dark spots take away from the aesthetic environment you want for your home, but they can also result in tripping hazards for your guests.

Limited Features

Many of today’s best products incorporate smart technology. Outdoor lighting is no different. High quality bulbs and fixtures often allow for adjustable brightness, connectivity with other smart home technology, and a wide range of choices in color temperature. On the other hand, low end lighting products may have fewer options and less customization capability, which will limit your design choices and style.

When You Choose Dayloom, You Choose Quality

At Dayloom, we believe that better products produce better designs. We’re so dedicated to this concept, in fact, that we manufacture our own high quality lighting products to get the very best out of every system we install. You’ll never have to worry about the beauty, safety, or efficiency of your outdoor lighting system when you choose to work with us. And any time you do need repairs or maintenance, even years down the road, we are always ready to help.

With over 25 years of experience designing and installing stunning, professional lighting displays, we love creating spaces worth celebrating for each and every client. You have a vision. We make it a reality. Contact us today to set up a free consultation to find out how we can unlock the potential of your property. The house you’ve always dreamed of is only one click away!