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Our Design Process

At Dayloom, we are dedicated to providing professional and precise landscape lighting designs, led by our certified Lighting CERTIFIED (LC). The LC designation, credentialed by the NCQLP, is the highest recognition granted by the International Engineering Society. This certification ensures that our designs adhere to the highest standards of excellence and technical precision. With a certified LC at the helm, your lighting design will not only be beautiful but also sustainable and seamlessly integrated into your environment.

photo of a render

Comprehensive Planning

photo of a render

Our process begins when we obtain photos of the area you wish to illuminate. These images are vital for initiating our design system. We enhance our understanding of your property with drone footage, providing a detailed aerial perspective essential for creating accurate, scaled drawings of your proposed lighting arrangement.

Detailed Design Development

Before meeting with you, our team prepares detailed scaled drawings and plans for the proposed lighting. We also create renderings of your project so you can visualize your design as it comes to life. This advanced preparation ensures that our consultations are efficient and focused, allowing us to dedicate more time to refining your project details together.

photo of a render

photo of a render

Advanced Visualization and Compliance Options

For clients who require deeper insight into the proposed design, we offer the option to create a full-scale 3D walkthrough. This advanced visualization helps you fully appreciate how the lighting will transform your space. Additionally, we can conduct a light trespass study, certified by our LC, to ensure that our designs comply with HOA or community guidelines and address any concerns about light spillage into neighboring areas. This study provides crucial information for your landscape lighting project, ensuring it is both compliant and conscientiously designed.

Client Engagement and Finalization

During our meeting, we present our prepared designs and discuss the project in detail. This is an opportunity to review every element, from luminaire specification and electrical requirements to the overall impact of the lighting. Our thorough preparation allows us to partner effectively in the design process, focusing on fine-tuning the design to perfectly suit your vision and requirements.


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